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Just to clarify things for folks, and to answer to the very small percentage of customers who have commented in reviews regarding the speed (or lack thereof according to those select few) with which your order arrives to your table.

As we all know this can be hit & miss in any restaurant. My wife and I have our favorite dining establishments that we frequent and delivery time can vary from visit to visit depending on staffing, how busy the restaurant is at that time, and many other factors that we may not see on the surface.

It is hard to predict the "busyness factor" in the restaurant industry. Because we are in fact a small establishment, the variances in customer inflow and staffing can effect us even more so than a large establishment, let's say like a BJ's, Olive Garden or Red Robin.

People must remember that even though crepes are a fairly quickly-prepared item, we are not a fast food establishment. We are not a Cinnabon, Carl's Jr. or Panda Express style restaurant, nor even a crepe shack that you'd find on the streets of Paris, or at the beach in Santa Monica. Aside from bottled beverages, we prepare everything to order - each individual crepe, mimosa sampler, specialty coffee drink, hot chocolate, additional preparation for custom crepes, etc., and serving you at your table throughout your visit.

Aside from customers helping themselves to our water bar, we are a full-service restaurant. So, one really has to gauge our order delivery times based on other sit-down, prepared-to-order style restaurants. In regard to this, I really think we are even a bit faster in delivery. One can not compare our restaurant style and delivery time to a Taco Bell or In-n-Out Burger (although I have spent over 15 minutes many times waiting for an order during peak times at In-n-Out).

Still, all-in-all here at Crepe Expectations, wait times at any given time are no longer than other sit-down style restaurants. Our establishment is designed to come in, relax and enjoy the whole experience. Sometimes things move faster, but at other times they may move slower. However, as a rule of thumb, if one requires a fast food come-in-and get-out-quick scenario under time constraints, then one might want to save a visit to our establishment for another day when time will surely permit our business model.

I hope that helps explain things a bit from our perspective.