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Welcome to little-known facts about crepes. A collection of rarely-known facts about crepes that you will find very interesting (and some that you probably don't want to know)

French mice have used crepes as trampolines since the mid 17th century. 

Barbie made her first crepe in a custom Easy-Bake oven for Ken and GI Joe.

The crepe was originally used by cavemen to suffocate wildebeests by rolling them up and stuffing them in their nostrils at night while they slept.

Sherlock Holmes once used a crepe to lift footprints in solving a murder.

Cowboys lined the plies of their blankets with warm crepes during cold winter nights on the prarie.

Contrary to urban legend, a crepe floating on the lake will not support a 12-pound bowling ball

During the great depression, women padded their brassieres with crepes when Kleenex was in short supply.

Talks are in the works with Warner Bros. Pictures for a possible release of Harry Potter - Devour the Grand Turk.

A crepe a day keeps the apple away.

A strategically placed crepe can ease the pain of hemorrhoids.

Taking a crepe in public is not against the law.

However, if you do take a crepe in public it is good manners to wipe your mouth after you eat it.

And if your spouse takes a crepe in public, then you should help them wipe when they are finished.

Contrary to urban legend, if students at school flush a crepe down every toilet in all the restrooms at the same time the school will not flood allowing them to get out early.

A lawn-size trash bag filled with crepes is not a reasonable substitute for an air bag.

Two lions broke loose in the San Diego Zoo once and were eating a clown wearing a costume made of crepes. One lion was overheard saying to the other, “Do these crepes taste funny to you?”


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